About Aaron Myers

“Southern fried and big-brown eyed,” Aaron Myers is an emerging, contemporary menswear designer. Aaron was born and raised in the hills of Tennessee and attests his inspiration, as well as a love of making, from his family’s Southern roots of creating out of necessity. Aaron has cultivated his passion for creating solutions to his own ideological problems with the current states of fashion. His main intent is to highlight and accentuate the beauty of the male figure through challenging the societal norms of what is perceived as masculine. This exploration of gender and identity, as well as sexuality, is visually represented through the framing of form on the body. While Aaron does not believe that masculinity or femininity is defined solely on the inherent physicality of gender, he would like to highlight the significance of challenging societal expectations of defining specific traits traditionally associated with masculinity. 

Email: aaron@frick.me

Phone: 731-617-7325